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Learn to drive in Halesowen

Halesowen is another great area to learn to drive, whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced learner. its also a very popular area to learn to drive together with the local suburbs of Hasbury, Belle Vale, Cradley, Old Hill, Lapal and the surrounding area.

There is a vast array of different driving scenarios to aid learning including Halesowen Town Centre, the one way system, the local dual carriageways, the quieter residential estates and the main dual carriageways and national speed limit roads.

Many people are attending Halesowen College and it's local campus's. Chris is able to schedule lessons for pickup and drop off at these colleges in students free periods and when lessons have finished for the day with the lessons ending at the students homes.

When beginning our learning journey, Chris will often take new learners to the Mucklow residential estates which offers roads ideally suited to the new driver with straight roads, junctions to practice steering as well as quiet roundabouts. As students progress we can venture out onto the more main roads including the A458 which links Halesowen with Stourbridge and beyond.

As we progress we have the busier roads and roundabouts of Old Hill, Cradley Heath and Merry Hill 

Chris always chooses the type of roads that the student needs to practice existing skills and challenges for the next level of our learning. Chris grew up around this area and has a great knowledge of all the local roads meaning that especially to start with, we can keep our driving local so that we don't have to waste lesson time with Chris having to drive to different areas to practice particular skills. Don't worry Chris will never put you in a situation where you are completely out of your depth on the roads and all progression is carefully monitored and agreed with the student.

As we become more experienced we look to the busier roads of Merry Hill and the surrounding urban dual carriageways. Rural dual carriageways with higher speed limits including national speed limit roads are also close with the A491 and A456 being only minutes away.

As for practicing the manoeuvres, we use the local car parks, Merry Hill car parks and local supermarket car parks to practice our bay parking while the quieter estates are ideal to start our practice of the reverse (parallel) park.

From the Halesowen area Chris would suggest that we use the new Dudley Test Centre and as the student progresses in experience to the point where they feel confident driving on pretty much any of the local roads, we expand our wings and spend time driving around Lower Gornal, Kingswinford and the local test routes.

If you would like further information on learning to drive in and around Halesowen with Chris then please use the Contact Us form and he will get back in touch with you or alternatively please ring or text him on 07573 839858.

Learn to Drive with Chris's School of Motoring in Halesowen for a great, efficient and rewarding learning experience.

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